BREAKING: Britain First to stand in Wakefield parliamentary by-election

This is a major party announcement from party leader Paul Golding:

Dear Britain First patriots,

The parliamentary seat of Wakefield in Yorkshire has been mired in controversy lately. 

The Conservative MP, Imran Ahmad Khan (below), has recently been convicted of molesting an underage boy.

He has resigned as an MP, and a by-election for his seat in Parliament will soon take place.

The resignation of the paedophile Conservative MP has caused a huge uproar.

Both the Conservatives and Labour are riddled with perverts and deviants.

Labour can hardly take the moral high ground in this by-election, considering that only a few months ago a Labour creature in the House of Lords was convicted for paedophile crimes.

After our strong results in the recent local elections, the Britain First leadership team has been engaged in discussions about our next move as a political party.

Zoom meetings and in-depth research has been taking place.

Wakefield is a Brexit supporting, solid working class area.

It has traditionally been a Labour stronghold, but switched to the Tories at the last election due to the Brexit issue.

It is one of those "Red Wall" seats that the media keep waffling about.

Yesterday, a final vote of the Britain First leadership team was taken.

They voted unanimously for Britain First to stand in the upcoming Wakefield by-election!

As this is a seat in the North of England, the leadership also voted for Ashlea Simon (below) to be our candidate.

Ashlea was a superb candidate in the recent local elections and managed to build a strong community support from scratch.

She was great talking to the media and handled the hostility, smears and dirty tricks from the Left with stubborn pride.

She will make an excellent candidate for Britain First in Wakefield.

Britain First has secret weapons that none of the other parties have.

We will ensure that all three of our Battle Buses will be touring the constituency on a daily basis for weeks on end.

Imagine the buzz around town that will create!

This gives us a massive edge over the other parties.

We plan to blitz the entire constituency with banners, leaflets, posters, and so on.

Plus, because this is a parliamentary election, all of the parties are entitled to a complimentary leaflet drop.

The Royal Mail has to deliver a Britain First leaflet to every house in the constituency.

This means 80,000 voters will get a Britain First leaflet.

There are so many other benefits to standing, including raising our public profile, recognition and gaining lots of publicity.

We need to significantly raise our profile as an electoral party, and this by-election will help enormously.

This mega campaign will put Britain First on the national political map.

Other parties have already started campaigning for the by-election.

We are wasting no time at all, and will get to work next week with a big blitz on Wakefield.

HQ has launched an election fighting fund for Ashlea's campaign and we need to immediately acquire huge banners for the Battle Buses, an avalanche of leaflets, posters and so on.

Britain First excels in relentless activities, and that is exactly what we need for this campaign.

If you can chip in to the Wakefield fighting fund, we would greatly appreciate it.

Chip in below:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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