Britain First prepares all-out election assault on Wakefield

HQ has been grafting behind the scenes getting ready to launch the campaign for the upcoming parliamentary by-election in Wakefield.

We have designed/produced the first leaflet that will be distributed this week and thereafter.

Here is the front and back of the new leaflet:

New banners for our Battle Buses have also been designed and will be delivered to HQ this week.

We have produced a mock-up of what the new banners will look like:

Imagine all three of our Battle Buses touring the high streets and housing estates of Wakefield every day for weeks, even months, continually.

Imagine the impact that will have, as well as upwards of 100,000 leaflets being distributed across the constituency.

We are organising our Battle Bus drivers into shifts, to keep them on the road.

We plan to focus our manpower and resources in this constituency for as long as we possibly can.

We are planning on using this high profile by-election as a stepping stone to raise our public profile as a new political party.

We really do need the funds to pay for the torrent of campaigning and related materials we speedily need.

Unlike the Old-Gang parties, we do not have dodgy big donors or treacherous trade unions shovelling donations into our campaign pot.

No, to confront the establishment traitors we rely on an army of loyal supporters, the ordinary men and women of Britain.

If you can help Britain First - and our candidate Ashlea Simon - launch our Wakefield campaign by chipping in with a small donation, do so asap.

Bear in mind, every penny counts.

Chip in below:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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