Huge delivery of 50,000 Wakefield by-election leaflets arrive at head office

50,000 full-colour A5 leaflets have just arrived at head office for the Wakefield parliamentary by-election campaign.

We have to sort them out into segments for each sorting office, then they will be delivered to every residence in the Wakefield constituency courtesy of the Royal Mail.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who chipped in to help us obtain these:

This is the first time that Britain First has utilised this parliamentary election system to flood a huge area with leaflets.

This is giving our new party a huge amount of knowledge in modern electoral procedures.

Our election leaflet has already been approved by the Royal Mail and the design is very hard-hitting:

The Britain First election campaign is having a massive impact in Wakefield.

The gigantic mail-out to the postal voters has already been sent out.

We still have two weeks to go until polling day, so we are still in dire need of resources to power our campaign forward.

It is costing a fortune to keep the Battle Bus fleet on the road in Wakefield.

We still need to obtain more campaign leaflets to distribute manually, a huge number of A3 posters to place on lampposts around the constituency, and an endless amount of fuel for the Battle Bus fleet.

If you would like to donate to our campaign, chip in here:

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