UPDATE: Britain First moving to free-speech social network Gab

We live in an unprecedented era of censorship and de-platforming.

It is our view that, long term, the Telegram platform is not viable because, sooner or later, it will be removed from the app stores and that will destroy it overnight.

Therefore, Britain First will focus all of its efforts on building up our support and following on Gab, which is "bomb proof" and cannot be closed down.

We will continue to post on Telegram, but it is our view that - long term - it is doomed.

Telegram was nearly obliterated in the wake of the events at the US Capitol building in January 2021.

It's only a matter of time before it is taken off the app stores by Apple and Google.

Gab has its own server network, its own alternative to YouTube, its own payment platform, its own marketplace, and much more.

We therefore urge all of our supporters to open an account on Gab and FOLLOW the Britain First page (link below).

Gab is the future for the patriot/nationalist movement:



PS: When you log in to Gab, create a bookmark one the home screen of your phone, then it will function like an app.

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