VIDEO: Arrest of Paul Golding and harassment of Britain First Wakefield campaign mentioned on GB News!

During the Mark Steyn show on GB News, the police sabotage of our Wakefield election campaign - and the arrest of Paul Golding - was outlined to the viewers.

Mr Steyn lambasted the police for their failure to deal with crime, then proceeded to discuss how they seem to have the time to harass anyone stepping out of line with woke ideology.

Although incorrectly naming Paul as the candidate in Wakefield, he mentioned that Paul was arrested to scuttle that day's campaigning in the town, the police releasing him without charge twelve hours later.

Mr Steyn said: "It's not a good sign when the police get to decide which lawful candidates are permitted to meet the citizenry and which aren't. Next time the coppers may decide to shut down your candidate."

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