Wakefield by-election called for Thursday 23rd June

We have a massive update for you this afternoon regarding the Wakefield by-election.

This morning, we received an email from the election department at Wakefield Council.

The Wakefield by-election has finally been declared, and polling day will take place on Thursday 23rd June.

This means the entire election campaign will last only four weeks.

Our candidate, Ashlea Simon, has to submit her nomination papers by next Wednesday 25th.

This morning, vast amounts of our first campaign leaflets arrived in the post, as well as the banners for the Battle Buses.

The banners are being fitted to our Battle Buses as you read this post.

You can see the images of our leaflets and banners on this page, they are not mock-ups.

This by-election is taking place due to the sitting Conservative MP, Imran Ahmad Khan, being convicted of molesting an underage boy.

Wakefield is a perfect town to stand for election, as it is a Brexit-voting working class area.

If the recent local elections taught us anything, it's that we need to raise our profile as a political option, not just a street movement.

Britain First is under huge pressure, as we only have four weeks until polling day, so we have to get to work!

This pressure is immense, as we have to get approximately 50,000 leaflets printed, parcelled up and delivered to the Royal Mail.

As well as organise all three Battle Buses to start criss-crossing and zig-zagging the town relentlessly.

We have to organise for activist teams to hit Wakefield continually for the next four weeks.

Britain First has superb ideas to reach vast numbers of voters rapidly, but we will keep them under wraps so as to not alert our enemies.

You will see Britain First creating a massive impact over the next few weeks.

All of this is going to consume a huge amount of funds, very quickly. 

But, the key to Britain First's progress is to grasp every opportunity that arises and attack it with maximum ferocity.

While other patriotic "political parties" sit on their backsides and do nothing else except waffle endlessly, Britain First is constantly in motion, constantly active and constantly making waves.

You cannot rescue this country from an armchair, you have to power ahead at 1,000mph and attack, attack, attack!

Britain First has just emerged out of a gruelling 7-month local election campaign, and yet we are jumping immediately into the fire by standing in a high-profile parliamentary by-election campaign.

This is the only way we are going to rescue our country, by being relentlessly on the attack.

HQ is currently flat out with nomination papers and frantic preparation for an intensive, high-octane campaign in Wakefield.

We were hoping for a few more weeks before they announced the election - but thanks to the declaration this morning, we currently have only four weeks till polling day, so we have to launch into frenetic activism asap.

Britain First will rise to the challenge, as usual!

These are exciting times indeed, as we finally have a patriot party that is highly active and devoid of extremist elements.

We have a once-in-a-generation chance to build a true patriotic political mass movement that can challenge the Old-Gang establishment traitors.

To achieve this, and to propel Britain First into the "big league" of politics, I need your active and unswerving participation during this campaign.

This campaign is going to consume somewhere in the region of £30,000, and we have to raise this within the next three weeks.

We can do this, it's not impossible.

We raised a similar amount for the local election campaign, so it can be done.

The only question is, are you going to get behind me, Britain First, and our candidate, Ashlea Simon, without delay?

I am asking you personally, to make a small donation - or whatever you can afford - towards our election fighting fund.

Bear in mind, every penny counts!

Chip in below:

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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